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That's Why I write in English

1- It happened like this:
In a chilly evening, I and couple of friends got together in a cozy bar in heart of downtown Toronto about a month ago. These guys were newly engaged; probabely a week before our gathering. As I missed their party, that was the first time I was meeting the girl, so does she. We ordered some beers and started talking about life!
 The first half an hour passed and second bottle was about being empty... and I was wondering how quickly I was loosing my ability of speaking English! The loosing words continued till finally I could barely talk. It really happened to me and made the guys really wondered; myself either. Besides, I could see that the girl couldn't believe me and our conversation were getting cold, so after...

2- A good friend of mine, a thirty-year-old Canadian man, has been blogging since three years ago_ on and off.  Since than, he has been writing five or six notes in a period of a year! When I started reading his notes, the first thing came to my mind was how poor they were in terms of grammer and spelling?! I understood that you can be Canadian and you can be a bad writer too! Also I learned that practice is a good thing!

These are the main reasons that made me get started with English blogging. There is some more to say; I'll let you know if I get chance!

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ناشناس گفت...

You're not making any sense Majid jaan!

Mohammad گفت...

Dear Majid,

Welcome to English blogging. Yes, it needs some exercise (remember, it is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration :)) Please keep the good work!

Gilda گفت...

well, I have to give my opinion too:)
The reason I personally enjoy writing in English is because I can express some moments much easier in English than in Farsi. It's amazing how I sometimes switch to English right in the middle of conversation. Language is a cool tool!
Beer does weird things btw;)