Tuesday, January 23, 2007

W.H. Auden

W.H. Auden (1907-73) is the wittiest, the most urbane, the most civil, companionable, and wordly of English poerty's great twentieth-century masters. He is also, with his exhilarating lyric power and his understanding of live and longing in all their sacred and profane guises, an examplary champion of human wisdom in its encounter with the mysteries of experience.
I hope you do indulge in his poetry.

Hell is neither here nor there,
Hell is not anywhere,
Hell is hard to bear.

It is hrad to dream pesterity
Or haunt a ruined Century
And so much easier to be.

Only the challenge to our will,
Our pride in learning any skill,
Sustains our effort to be ill.

To talk the dictionary through
Without a chance word coming true
Is more than Darwin's apes could do.

Yet pride alone could not insist
Did we not hope, if we persist,
That one day Hell might actually exist.

In time, pretending to be blind
And universally unkind
Might really send us out of our mind.

If we were really wretched and asleep
It would be then de trop to weep,
It would be natural to lie,
There'd be no living left to die.


Anonymous said...

راستش انگيليسم اينقدر بد هست كه از پست شما چيزي نفهمم ! فقط خواستم به خاطر حضورتون تشكر كنم

katayoun said...

مهتاب نازنین،

با سپاس از لطفت، تلاش من اینست که هر از گاهی به معرفی برخی از شعرای انگلیسی زبان، بپردازم،و بهمین منظور از "آدن شعری انتخاب کردم و روی این صفحه گذاردم. گو اینکه کارهای آدن که از زمره شعرای پیشرو "مدرنیست" محسوب میشود، که با زبانی ساده و گویا به تصویر کشیدن روحیات انسان و تلاش او برای زیست در این دنیای پر از هیاهو و دغدغه میپردازد.
فلسفه آدن فلسفه تجربه در زمان حاضر است.

با بهترین آرزوها برای شما.