سه‌شنبه، فروردین ۳۰، ۱۳۸۴

Long Distance Never works

As we all North American-Iranians are staying and living here in North America, I want to find out why some few of us keep advertising for participating the pre-election in Iran. There is no doubt that the Iranian presidency is not a matter of us, doesn't apply to us; we are the citizens of the North American society for certain (if we like or don't like it).
It seems that some of us psychologically do not exist in here or pretending to be so. It could be a reason any how, but it wears me out when seeing some opportunists screaming out over election like they deserve to lead the people inside of Iran from here! Well, it's a well known reminder that the long distance never works, more than this, it's logically disrespectful. Take your mind off it we have no responsibility to lead the people of inside.
Now lets get it straight, without jumping to conclusion, there could be two possibilities to do so: 1- physically they live here but their minds are still in Iran, 2- They are Islamic Republic's properties, but they show up like free minds (for instance: freelance journalist, student, academician and ...).